Brunson Net & Supply Inc offers castnets; nets for batting cages, lacrosse, golf, track & field; and a variety of other nets for marine and industrial intents. As well, frames for field and backyard use, other sporting goods, fishing tackle and supplies, and even cookware are available through Brunson Net & Supply Inc.


Commercial Shrimp Boat Image - using Brunson Net's Marine Netting
Image of a golf club, baseball bat, and batting cage net


Image of Industrial Structure - Brunson Net supplies industrial cargo netting


For over 65 years and four generations, Brunson Net has been supplying the coastal Alabama area and beyond with quality marine and sports netting to include batting cages and castnets. The "net" result is that Brunson Net & Supply Inc. has a true commitment to providing superior and affordable nets and other related equipment to professionals and hobbyists looking for food, fun, or fitness.
Brunson Net is located in Foley, Alabama where competitive sports, and fishing in and around the Gulf of Mexico waters reign supreme as both career choices and leisure activities.
Sportsmen & professionals of all calibers appreciate the time and attention to detail given to our nets. crab traps, commercial fish netting, recreational shrimp trawls, environmental and experimental nets, and fishing hardware and supplies. For those interested in sports equipment, we offer a wide variety of sports netting that include batting cages and protector nets, foul ball nets, backstops, golf practice nets, track and field nets, lacrosse nets, and so much more. All products are available for order online or in either our sports netting catalog or marine netting catalog, both of which are available for download here on the site.
Nets come into play in your life in more ways that you can imagine. As such, in addition to the marine and sports netting sections, a new industrial net area has been added to this site for those of you looking to contain cargo on industrial hauls. You can also find decorative netting that can be dyed any color for your house or party.
Whether you're fishing in the surf or playing on the turf, we have the net for your need. Try any of our sports nets, castnets, or trawl nets and you’ll know why our motto has always been: "Quality is built in our nets, not added on" .