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HDPE Versus Nylon

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is made from naturally UV resistant materials which do not absorb water and will not rot, but have a lower break strength than nylon.  HDPE netting maintains its color for the life of the netting.  Since it does not absorb water, there is less sag, therefore less adjustments are needed to the net. We suggest this netting for high temperature areas, and snowy climates. High density polyethylene only loses 10% of its strength over its lifetime, thus making it ultimately ideal for outdoor use.



Nylon netting has an initially higher break strength than HDPE, but used outdoors, the protective coating begins to wear thin. This wearing causes the nylon netting to shrink, fade, and eventually rot. However, when used indoors, its high tensile strength, and compact nature make it ideal for indoor batting facilities, and barrier nets.  Compare strengths with the below chart. 

Tensile Strengths

Nylon Poly
#21 209 lb 128 lb
#36 339 lb 189 lb
#42 370 lb 220 lb
#60 556 lb ---------