How to Throw a seamaster Cast Net

There are many ways to throw a cast net.  We recommend the following:

1.  Attach hand line loop around your right hand wrist and make sure coils of the line are also in the right hand.  * Please note* Use left hand if left handed.  Figure 1

2.  Pull brails (draw strings) upward, make sure that they are straight, and untangled.  Figure 2

3. Grip net (one third down) with you right hand.  Figure 3

4.  Check and make sure that the lead line is untangled.  Figure 4

5. Pick up lead line with left hand and put in right hand.   Hold lead line in both hands as shown.  Figure 5

6.  Swing your hands from right to left.  Figure 6

The net should open to form a circle.   We recommend that you practice first for casting and then target practice.  Target practice is easily done in your back yard using an old tire or other small object as a target.  Figure 7



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